Migrant Who Killed Italian for Being ‘White’ and ‘Happy’ Gets 30 Years in Prison

Moroccan-born Said Mechaout has been sentenced to a maximum 30 years behind bars over a year after he murdered Italian man Stefano Leo in Turin because he was “white” and “happy”.

The murder took place on February 23rd on the banks of the river Po in Turin but it wasn’t until around a month later that 27-year-old Mechaout, a naturalised Italian citizen born in Morocco, confessed to the killing.

Italian prosecutors Ciro Santoriello and Enzo Bucarelli both pushed for the maximum sentence of 30 years in the case after remarking that Mechaout showed little to no remorse following the murder.

Mariagrazia Chiri, the mother of Stefano Leo, was also present at the sentencing and commented “We have always been confident. And the sentence gives us that reason. Justice has run its course,” Italian newspaper Corriere Della Sera reports.

Basilio Foti, the lawyer for Mechaout, said that he expected the sentenced to be reduced on appeal, however, noting that Mechaout came forward himself and confessed to the crime.




Migrants Test Positive For Coronavirus After Arriving In Italy

Eight migrants who disembarked in Sicily this week after being rescued in the Mediterranean by a charity boat are in quarantine after testing positive for coronavirus, the group Mediterranea said.

The eight migrants were part of a group of 43 people aboard the humanitarian vessel Mare Jonio who disembarked at the Sicilian port of Augusta on Wednesday.

On Thursday, Mediterranea said in a statement that health authorities had informed them of the positive results, adding that the individuals represented no risk for the wider population as they were in quarantine, along with the remaining migrants and the crew.

Seeking to quell worries about the infected migrants in Sicily, the mayor of Noto, in the island's lower tip, said the migrants were being quarantined about 20 kilometres (12 miles) outside of town.

"There should be no concern for our community because no possible contact will be allowed," said Mayor Corrado Bonfanti.



Illegal Migrant Spared Prison After Stabbing Woman 14 Times During Home Invasion

An illegal migrant has been declared "insane" and spared a prison sentence by a Belgian court after a brutal stabbing attack upon a woman in her own home, according to local media.

Algerian national Amine M., 28, was waiting in his 48-year-old victim's West Flanders residence when she returned one day in 2018.

"She suddenly heard someone calling to her come to the living room," SCEPTR reports. "There the Algerian man sat waiting for her, smiling."

Amine set upon the woman, throwing her to the floor and stabbing her 14 times in the neck and heart before fleeing the scene, assuming he had killed her.

However, the woman incredibly survived and Amine was later apprehended.




Italian Island Locals Vote to End Migrant Landings

Locals on the Italian island of Lampedusa have participated in a referendum calling for an end to new illegal migrant landings.

The referendum was called two weeks ago and saw the majority of participants, some 988 people, vote to close the migrant “hotspot” centre, with only four people voting to keep the centre’s doors open.

A committee of local citizens released a statement saying: “For 30 years, in the face of the continuous violation of the most essential rights for the population and for immigrants, Lampedusa has been used as a military management platform for migration.”

“All this with the complicity of local administrations and through a moral and economic blackmailing strategy, to the detriment of the local population,” the locals added, according to an Il Giornale report.

The results of the referendum come as another 43 migrants were transported to the island by the migrant transport NGO Mediterranea Saving Humans over the weekend.




Turkish coastguard rescues 35 migrants from half-sunken boat

BODRUM, Turkey (Reuters) - Turkey's coastguard said on Monday it had rescued 35 migrants and was searching for four more missing from a boat found half sunken in the Aegean Sea.

The Turkish coastguard quoted the rescued migrants as saying that Greek coastguards had slashed their rubber dinghy, taken away their fuel containers and pushed them back towards Turkish waters. A Greek coastguard spokesman denied the allegations.

"The migrant boat never entered Greek territorial waters," the Greek spokesman told Reuters. "There was never any contact between a Greek coastguard ship and the migrants' boat."

The migrants were rescued around 2:45 a.m. (2345 GMT) near a small island off the coast of Ayvalik in Turkey's western Balikesir province, the Turkish coastguard said.

Greece has been one of the main gateways into the European Union for people fleeing conflict in the Middle East and beyond, largely via its islands near the Turkish coast.




15 migrants rescued off Belgian coast

Fifteen migrants attempting to reach Britain were rescued off the Belgian coast after their inflatable dinghy began sinking, authorities said on Sunday.

The raft, built for a capacity of seven, left the French town of Dunkirk late Friday and a passenger was able to make an emergency call several hours later. 

The Belgian coast guard rescued the passengers about 11 kilometres (six miles) offshore and took them to the port of Ostende.

The passengers, all male adults, were from Egypt, Afghanistan, Iraq and Kuwait, a prosecutors statement said.

"Human traffickers increasingly put migrants onto small rubber boats and push them out into the North Sea, usually from the French coast," said Frank Demeester, a spokesman for the prosecutors office.





Charity ship rescues more than 110 migrants in Mediterranean

More than 110 migrants drifting in the Mediterranean on two makeshift boats were rescued on Thursday in separate operations by a ship chartered by a French charity, an AFP reporter onboard said.

"I love you all!" said one of the migrants when the Ocean Viking -- chartered by French aid group SOS-Mediterranee -- arrived at their boat in the waters around 100 kilometres (62 miles) from the Italian island of Lampedusa.

There were 67 people onboard their grey boat, mainly men and youths from Bangladesh and Morocco. 

The boat had been spotted by the plane Moon Bird, of fellow migrant resue charity Sea-Watch, SOS-Mediterranee said.

Earlier in the day, the ship rescued 51 migrants on a blue wooden boat including one woman and five children, mainly of Pakistani and Eritrean nationality.



Five boats carrying up to 57 migrants are caught crossing the English Channel – taking the total to have arrived this month to more than 500

The vessels picked up off the Kent coast today, with 57 believed to be on board 

Dozens of migrants have today been detected in the Channel, meaning more than 500 will have crossed this month alone.

More than 2,000 have reached the UK in boats this year, while the current total for June is on the cusp of eclipsing a record number in a single month.

It is thought there could be as many as 57 refugees involved, with emergency services called out at 5.15am - although official Home Office figures for the latest incidents are not yet known.

Five boats have been picked up off the Kent coast - with another one reportedly sent back to France.




North Macedonia: 64 Bangladeshi migrants found in truck

SKOPJE, North Macedonia (AP) — Police in North Macedonia say 64 Bangladeshi migrants have been found in a truck on a highway near the country’s border with Greece.

The driver evaded arrest during the inspection late Monday near Strumica in the country’s southeast. In a statement Tuesday, police gave no other details about the migrants. 

The migrants were detained and transferred to a holding site in border town of Gevgelija, pending deportation to Greece. 

The so-called Balkan migration route, mostly running through former Yugoslav republics, has been closed since 2015 and Greek border with North Macedonia was closed earlier this year due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

But police say trafficking networks remain active in the border area.




Channel migrants: Border Force intercepts 28 people

Twenty-eight migrants in dinghies and a kayak have been intercepted in the Channel.

The Border Force found the people in three vessels between 07:40 and 11:30 BST on Sunday.

There were 24 males and four females, but the Home Office no longer provides details of how many identify themselves as children.

The groups were brought ashore at Dover and will be interviewed by immigration officials.

The first three migrants were found in a kayak at 07:40, and all said they were Syrian nationals.




Sweden: Celebrity migrant hairdresser convicted of raping a client

Aryan Saleh, also known as Alex, has been convicted of raping a client during a session. Aryan was the owner of the famous hairdressing salon, Saxess by Alex, in central Stockholm.

Aryan, 33, contacted a female client on April 16 of this year, inviting her to a free hair treatment and sparkling wine. The woman accepted, and after the session, he invited her into an office on the pretext of giving her a neck message.

The woman went with Aryan. Once there, he asked her to take off her top and began touching her body.

When she asked him to stop, she said his personality changed and that he refused to take “no” for an answer. According to the victim’s testimony, Aryan told her to “stop playing games,” according to a report by Samhällsnytt. 

The police report says that Aryan then pushed the woman against a wall with such force that the back of her head struck a shelf. He then proceeded to have sex with the woman in both her vagina and anus.




Sweden: 8 out of 10 migrants arrive with no ID

Statistics released by the Swedish Migration Board reveal that the vast majority of migrants who come to Sweden bring no identification documents with them. While the average among all migrants who do not bring ID is 8 out of 10, among some nationalities, such as Afghans and many African countries, nearly 100% fail to provide any.

The statistics were released at the request of Merit Wager, a former Refugee Ombudsman who is a well-known debater on migration topics who is critical of Sweden’s migration policies, according to a report by Samhällsnytt.

The data covers those who applied for asylum in Sweden between 2015, when the current migrant crisis began, and 2019. Data for Syrian migrants was not included, although they formed the largest country of origin for several years during this period.

The Migration Board itself, however, downplayed the problem, indicating that many migrants can prove their identities in other ways besides using documents.

They also claim that some migrants present identity papers at a later time, but they did not offer statistics on this. “One might of course wonder why those who applied for asylum did not show their identity documents when they first arrived, if they still had them,” Wager commented.





Channel migrants try to cross English Channel in fog

Migrants have tried to cross the Channel to the UK amid thick fog over the Kent coast.

Border Force teams were seen earlier with a group of people thought to have attempted the crossing, and officials were spotted towing a rowing boat filled with oars into harbour at Dover.

The small blue and white vessel was paddled through the port by officials.

The Home Office said four boats had been intercepted carrying a total of 45 people.

It is thought the rowing boat was intercepted in the Channel in one of the earlier incidents, which took place at 07:00 BST, 08:20 BST and 08:20 BST, and was carrying a group of men.




Greek Landowner Discovers Makeshift Mosque Built by Illegal Migrants on Her Property

A Greek resident of the island of Lesbos has filed a complaint after discovering illegal migrants had built a makeshift mosque on her property that is located near a notorious migrant camp.

Lesbos resident Maria Komninaki said the makeshift mosque was built on her land, a former olive grove. She expressed disbelief that the illegal migrants were allowed to build the structure on her property, which is located near the Moria migrant camp.

Ms Komninaki wrote about the mosque on Facebook, saying she examined it while accompanied by the police and a government official, Proto Thema reports.

“Access to the area was made under adverse conditions as we had to go through sewage, garbage, and all kinds of dirt. Arriving at the former olive grove and now a plot of land, I was surprised to find that the makeshift construction they had started three months ago — of which I had alerted town planning, the police, the district, the prosecutor, and the municipality — has now been completed,” she said.

She went on to question how no one in the area spoke up about the construction, saying: “Did they never hear the imam sing? Did they never see the building? Did anyone ever talk to them about all this?”




Frontex: Illegal migration into Europe increased dramatically in May

Following the brief lull in illegal migration into Europe that was seen in March and April as a result of the Wuhan coronavirus pandemic, the number of migrants illegally entering Europe has risen dramatically once again.

In the month of May, authorities recorded some 4,300 illegal border crossings on Europe’s main migration routes, nearly three times as many as were recorded in the previous month, reports the Funke Media group, citing the Frontex – the EU border protection agency.

According to the report, the Eastern Mediterranean migration route from Turkey to Greece was the most active in May, with Frontex recording 1,250 illegal border crossings – eight times as many that were seen in April.

The majority of migrants traveling along this route are said to have originated from Afghanistan. 

Migration along the Central Mediterranean migration route – the route which runs from Libya and Tunisia to Italy and Malta – also saw a considerable uptick in May, with more than 1,000 illegal crossings record, a 40 percent increase compared to April. Most migrants traveling along this route came from Bangladesh, Sudan, and the Ivory Coast. 




Sudanese migrant sentenced to life for murdering two Danish pensioners

A Copenhagen City Court last weekend handed a Sudanese migrant two life sentences for murdering two Danish pensioners.

James Schmidt (Lual Yai Fayin Lual), a 27-year-old Sudanese migrant who’s previously been convicted of raping a 14-year-old girl and attempting to rape and murder the victim’s mother’s girlfriend, was sentenced last Sunday after being convicted of murdering Peter Jensen Olsen, aged 80, and Inez Hasselblad, aged 81, Jydske Vestkysten reports.

The Sudanese migrant, however, was acquitted of the murder of 82-year-old Eva Hoffmeister. 

Hoffmeister, Hasselblad, and Olsen had all lived the same apartment complex in the neighborhood of Østerbro in Copenhaged.

Schmidt had access to the apartment complex because he would sometimes stay with a family member who, at the time, was living in the same complex as the victims. 




Greece: Illegal migrants destroy olive grove, more going to Germany

Another olive grove on the Greek island of Lesvos was destroyed by illegal migrants recently. Germany also announced yesterday that they will be taking more migrants from the Greek islands.

The olive grove that was burned down was near the Moira migrant camp, the largest one on the island. It had only been planted a few years ago. “What can agriculture and livestock offer you now?” said Makis Pavlellis, a local resident who has been photographing the many incidents of wanton destruction perpetrated by migrants, according to a report by Greek City Times. “See your interest, rent your fields to NGOs.”

Illegal migrants have already chopped down thousands of olive trees on the island, as previously reported by Voice of Europe.

There have also been many instances of churches being vandalised and desecrated by the mostly Muslim criminals, as well as attacks on the police and locals. 

The Greek islands in the Aegean Sea have been on the front lines of the migrant crisis from the beginning, and the official number of illegal migrants currently being hosted there is upwards of 40,000.




Italian intelligence warns 20,000 migrants in Libya ready to invade Europe

At least 20,000 illegal migrants currently in Libya are ready to set sail for Europe in the next few weeks, Italy’s intelligence agencies have warned.

Senator Matteo Salvini, Italy’s former interior minister and leader of the populist League party, is the man who brought this information before the people, saying: “Our secret services sound the invasion alarm, with at least 20 thousand immigrants ready to leave for Italy.”

According to a report from the Italian newspaper Il Giornale, Salvini also noted that the dire warning from the intelligence services comes as the Italy’s ports have been reopened to NGO migrant taxis, and only weeks after Italy’s leftist-establishment government granted amnesty to 600,000 illegal migrants. 

Migrant arrivals this year in Italy are up drastically from last year, according to Il Giornale. Between January 1st and June 5th, a total of 5,461 illegal immigrants have landed on Italian shores, up from 1,878 during the same period last year. That’s nearly a 200 percent increase in just one year.

Unfortunately, Italy’s intelligence agencies could be significantly underestimating just how many illegal migrants are ready and waiting to invade Europe.




Hungarian police: 300 illegal migrants tried to cross border over the weekend

Confirming a recent analysis warning about renewed migration pressure as coronavirus movement restrictions are lifted, the weekend report of Hungarian National Police showed that police and armed forces acted against over 300 migrants who tried to illegally enter the country.

The report said that police and armed forces detained and returned 258 foreign nationals on the territory of Hungary, prevented 58 people attempting to illegally enter the country, apprehended 28 people caught in the act of illegal entry, charged five persons with people smuggling, and two with forging official documents.

In one such case, in the early hours of Monday border police apprehended a group of 12 in Hercegszántó near the Serbian border.

The group consisted of eight men, one woman and three children, all of whom declared themselves to be Syrian nationals, but could neither prove that claim nor prove that they had any legal right to enter Hungary.

They were subsequently transported back to Serbia.




Germany: Mob attacks police while taking migrant into custody

A large mob attacked police officers in Germany on Saturday as they were attempting to bring a migrant suspect into custody. They accused police of being racist and referenced George Floyd. An even larger protest against the arrest was held the following day. Police say they haven’t seen anything like this before.

The incident took place late Saturday night in Kesselbrink, Bielefeld in northwest Germany. Six men were sitting at the terrace of a restaurant that was already closed in an area known for illicit drug-dealing.

Two of the six men were already known to police for drug offences. The group was making a lot noise and littering, according to a report by Junge Freiheit.

A police patrol therefore decided to check the identities of the people in the group. As they were checking the identity of a 23-year-old asylum-seeker from Burkina Faso, he immediately began resisting the officers, hitting and kicking them. 

As the officers took the man into custody, a crowd of approximately 50 people surrounded them. Some of the people in the crowd accused the officers of racism and referenced George Floyd, the black man who died while being taken into police custody in the United States two weeks ago. 




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